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Clogged or blocked drains and pipes may begin as minor problems, but can instantly grow into major problems. A clogged drain can end up in slow water sewerage, decomposition, flooding and, in extreme situations, sewage back-up to expensive replacements. You can begin to prevent those problems by pinpointing the factors behind blocked drains. Here are some of the common sources to blocked drains and tips you can you will need to prevent and fix them:


You can be wondering how soap can be the reason behind a clogged in your pipes. It’s because traditional soap bars are actually fashioned with oil or fat. The excess fat found in the soap combines with the minerals present in the water and leave behind a hard residue that stains the faucets and blocked the pipes.

ITEM #2: Dirt

You may think that your drain and pipes are supposed to clean everything up. However, if you want to remove excess dirt from your body and your clothes, they can accumulate and generate problems in your drains. Shake or wash your garments’ and body’s dirt and mud resides outside before washing inside.

ITEM #3: Hair 

Hair is the hefty wrongdoer for drains obstructions because they can bind fat and other sticky substances to make hooves. The greatest option to treat hair clog is to avoid your hair from falling. You need to be sure all the drains have shields to catch the hair and clean them weekly.

ITEM #4: Food waste

Food waste must not be thrown into the sewer, even if you have a garbage bin in your sink. Alternatively, you can put up a compost pile to eradicate food waste. This is especially crucial for waste products such as tea leaves and coffee grounds that do not decompose. Other foodstuffs that need attention is grease or oil, as they will be clotted in the pipes and create a blockage.

ITEM #5: Accumulation of minerals

Minerals liquefied in hard water can build up and produce heavy masses that will really block drains. It can be difficult to get rid of mineral accumulation hooves once they are settled, so consider calling your experienced plumber if your drains and pipes do not seem to flow.

ITEM #6: Small objects

Small items can land in your plumbing supply and wreak havoc. Only water, feces, and toilet tissue that can flow into toilets, sewers or sinks. All the other objects must be thrown in a suitable way in the garbage, compost or recycling. If a foreign object enters the plumbing system and makes problems, you will likely need the help of a professional plumber to clear it and be sure your plumbing returns on track.

ITEM #7: Accumulation of toilet paper

Too much toilet tissue can obstruct your drains and prevent your toilet from flushing. If water can still flow into your toilet when flushing, you might use a plunger be effective and liquefy some of the toilet tissue. But if your toilets fill up without flowing, you will have to schedule an appointment with a specialist to correct the blockage.

Many reasons for blocked drains and the best way to fix them is to keep them from getting dirty. Never throw away anything you should not throw in the sewer and avoid trying to empty the drains by using chemicals. Furthermore, if your blocked drains transform into a crisis, call in for the help of a professional plumber like Mr Splash Hill District at 02 9167 7368 that will be ready and available to take your call anytime with our 24-hour emergency service

Questions to Ask Regarding New Plumber

There is a myriad of main reasons why you may need to find a new plumber. Perhaps you just relocated to a new area. Perhaps you had a negative knowledge about your last plumber and want to try someone new. No matter what your reason is, finding a new service provider you can depend on can often be daunting. Thankfully, you don’t have to get it done alone. Carry on reading to learn more about what questions you should ask when you are trying to hire a new plumbing team to cope with plumbing issues. These are some of the most crucial questions you should ask any professional plumber before you hire them. If they can answer these questions precisely, you should feel confident that they will manage to complete any plumbing service you need to be completed.

  • Whether they are licensed and insured or not

Plumbing businesses need multiple licenses for different sorts of work. You must be able to ask them about their individual licenses and get the relevant information without a break the rules. Just after you check their license, you should also be sure your plumbing engineer is fully insured. Once plumbers are insured, you will be covered in case there is a major accident or mistake. Hire a plumbing company that has an up-to-date builder’s risk, bonds, and staff compensation insurance coverage. Should they have all that, then you can be confident you will not get burnt if the unanticipated takes place.

  • Whether they can provide references or not

Inquire the plumber if they can point you to individual feedback or reviews from previous customers. You could also seek out customer reviews online, the plumber’s website, or social media marketing. You want to see what people who aren’t associated with the company say about its work. You’ll be much more likely to get sincere;  straightforward answers and advice that way.

  • Whether they can inform their average response time or not

You know a lot better than someone else what type of plumbing problem you are most likely to handle in your home. If you think emergency plumbing services will be a priority, come across a company that can provide fast, same-day service. Even if you do not think you will need emergency services, fast service can make the distinction between a small inconvenience and a problem.

  • Whether they can list out all their specialties

When using the services of a plumbing company, don’t be afraid to inquire about them about the particular specialties of their technicians. Dealing with know the people you’re working with can help you request the perfect choice. By way of example, a technician who’s especially good at remodelling might not be as good at maintenance services. Good plumbing business will point you in the direction of the best person for the job every time. You only have to ask.

  • Whether they have been in the business for how long

While longevity does not warranty better service, it can say a lot about an organization. You can’t be in operation for a long time if no one is arriving at you for help. Longevity conveys to you that they have done well enough keep their customers returning for a lengthy time. With a little luck, you could turn into yet another happy, returning customer

‌If you’re interested in partnering with a new plumbing company, don’t hesitate to give Mr Splash Plumbing Hill District a call on 02 9167 7368. If you have a damaged pipe or another plumbing emergency, just call us that will be ready and available to take your call anytime with our 24-hour emergency service. With a sixty-minute response time, you can get your pipes fixed in no time! Book our service and we’ll be right away